PK’s First Song Finally Released

Untitled-6The makers of PK have finally released the first song of their most anticipated film. This song is titled as ‘Tharki Chokro’ and it features Aamir Khan and Sanjay Dutt. The song is released among huge fans.
Let us have a look at the song and find out how much it is different from other Bollywood songs.
The song starts very hilariously. Aamir Khan’s PK character makes a move on Sanjay Dutt who is playing the role of Bhairo Singh and driving a tempo. Bhairo Singh is shocked at this and then he explains PK that he is a male. Aamir Khan is surprised at this and we come to know how much he is curious to hold hands of every woman.
When the song starts, it is made clear that Aamir Khan’s character in the film is suffering with memory loss problem. It was earlier rumored that Aamir is playing the role of an alien.
The song is sung by Sukhwinder Singh which adds further flavor to it.

Amir’s Role in PK is the Toughest Role of his Career

Untitled-6Aamir Khan is popularly known as ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ as he loves perfection. The star said that his role in his upcoming film PK is the most challenging role of his career.
PK’s first trailer is released by Aamir Khan on the occasion of Diwali. He said, “I have been working for the last 25 years and PK is by far my toughest role in my career. I have not blinked in the movie. We had discussed a lot about shaping up my character but we felt every time that something is missing.”
Aamir plays an unconventional role in the film. His character is fond of ‘pan’. He said, “PK is fond of paan. I am too. During the shooting of the film I must have consumed near about 100 paans. There used to be a paanwala on the set for us,”
Aamir is working with Hirani for the second time. Earlier, both of them worked together for the super hit film 3 Idiots. Hirani said that it took him five years to complete PK.
In the film, Anushka Sharma is the lead actress. She will be seen in a never before seen look. She said, “I am very excited to play the role in PK. When we were doing costume trial we went for different looks with the wigs and glasses. And finally when the look worked out I am getting a lot of compliment especially all the girl wants to have a hairstyle like me.”

Aamir Khan Used to Have 100 Paans During the Shoot of PK

Untitled-6Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma’s most anticipated film PK teaser has launched today. The teaser is already appreciated by Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar. It is clearly visible in the teaser that Amir Khan’s character PK in the film cherishes paan to the T. PK is seen with red lips throughout the teaser which proves how much PK loves paan. Aamir Khan said that he had to continuously chew pan to get those red lips. And the number of paans goes up to 100 for a single day.
Aamir said, “There was a paanwala on the sets of PK. After every shot, he would make a paan and give it to me.” Rajkumar Hirani supported this fact by saying that the number of paans sometime exceeds even 100. It is rightly said about Aamir that he takes his roles very seriously.

OMG! Aamir is Trying to Imitate Mr. Bean

Untitled-5Aamir Khan’s most awaited film Pk will be released on December 19. The film has already created great excitement because of its posters and recently released teaser. Bollywood’s biggies like Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar appreciated the teaser a lot. However, we noticed one thing in it that Aamir Khan’s character PK looks like Mr. Bean. In the teaser we see that Aamir’s expressions are weird and also he has big eyes and ears like Mr. Bean. This is not the end. There are also other similarities between Aamir’ character and Rowan Atkinson’s popular onscreen character. In the teaser Amir didn’t speak at all. He tries to talk through his actions. You would understand it better if you have watched Hollywood’s film ‘Mr. Bean’. In that Rowan Atkinson also didn’t speak and he tries to explain things by his actions.
The hilarious comedy seen in the teaser is similar to that of 1997 Hollywood film Bean and 2007 film Mr. Bean’s Holiday. In spite of all these we are sure that Aamir’s PK has much more than just being similar to Mr. Bean.

SRK Don’t Have ill-will for Anyone


Shah Rukh is straight forward in speaking his heart out. Sometimes back it was reported that SRK has made some unpleasant remarks about Aamir’s upcoming film PK’s poster. Both of the actors don’t go along well with each other. This fact is known to everyone. Earlier sometimes back, Aamir revealed at his block that he has named his dog ‘Shah Rukh. In reply to this SRK said that Aamir missed some of his fans by saying this.
In an interview when Shah Rukh was asked about his PK comment getting so much hyped, SRK said, “There is so much information today and so little time that the ‘misconstrue’ part happens. I think some of the people are extremely uneducated becayse they don’t even understand a joke, I’ll be very honest. Somebody asked recently, ‘so are you bothered about making 200 crore? I said, ‘No, want to make No, want to make 859 crore.’ It was a joke. It’s irritating that you have to put it in brackets that it’s a joke. As for the poster, I saw it early morning because I am usually awake. So before it went public, I saw it. I was awake at 2 and I saw it on Twitter or I guess someone emailed it to me. And I don’t think anything is negative about anyone’s creative idea. I am actually one of the most liberal people when it comes to creativity and that’s why my jokes are like that. I don’t have ill-will for anyone. I get irritated because you can’t keep asking me the same questions. I don’t think in this line of work anybody has ill-will about anyone but yes everyone will have a view point.”

Has SRK Finally Agreed to let Ajay Devgn Attach ‘Action Jacksons’ Trailer with his Upcoming Release ‘Happy New Year?’

Untitled-4The biggest film of this year, Shah Rukh Khan starrer, Happy New Year is one such flick that everyone wants to attach their trailer with. With the trailer Amir Khan’s much awaited film, PK being released the same day as Happy New Year, Farah Khan’s directorial venture is HNY’s trailer is a hit. We are getting news of the agreement between SRK and Ajay Devgn of letting Devgn’s Action Jackson trailer released with the musical extravaganza of the King Khan. Yeah, the rumors about the same have long been taking rounds but this time, the news is said to be pretty much confirmed.
Kajol’s Hubby, Ajay Devgn actually called up SRK, requesting him to attach the trailer of his film with SRK’s Happy New Year. A source, while talking to a leading tabloid, said, , “Ajay called Shah Rukh a few days a ago with the request and he agreed. The duo had fallout when Ajay filed a case against Yash Raj Films in 2012 but it seems that the cold war is ending now.”
We aren’t surprised with this piece of information or are we? Don’t we know that during the shooting of Singham Returns, Khan had dropped on the sets and patched up with Ajay Devgn then and there? Also, the iconic hug they both shared had actually shocked the charmer of Singham returns, Kareena Kapoor Khan as well as Rohit Shetty. It seems the whole Action Jackson trailer attached with Happy New Year’s had long been on cards!