Pari Says Ranveer is Shameless

Untitled-6Kill Dil is scheduled for release next week and the movie’s stars are trying their level best to promote the film which is an action-comedy entertainer. The songs and trailer of the film feature great chemistry between Parineeti Chopra and Ranveer Kapoor. Pari said something about Ranveer which caught our attention.
When she was asked about Ranveer’s bald look in his next film Bajirao Mastani, Parineeti said, “I am used to seeing Ranveer in any look. You guys see only those things which come out in the paper but we guys get to see what is going on live. When he walked in with his bald look this time, for me it was likeAcha aaj ka yeh look hai. So with Ranveer, it can be anything. He can come without pants and sit and you will be like please wear something and come. In fact, that happens every two days.”
She added, “I normally enter anybody’s make-up van saying ‘Hello it is me!’. But only in Ranveer’s van I never enter without his permission. Because with Ranveer it isn’t that he is sleeping or he is in washroom, it is whether he is wearing clothes or no. There have been cases where he asks me to come in and when I enter, he’ll be standing without clothes. And he won’t mind but you would, and that is because your life changes when you see him without clothes! This hasn’t been happening now, this is the case since Band Baaja Baarat.”
She also revealed an interesting incident which took place during the shooting of the song Happy Budday, “He likes to takes off his pants in public. In fact, I was doing an emotional-romantic scene and I was busy doing my make-up. But when I turned back I saw him without pants. Then I told him ‘Ranveer I am in a zone and please help me out’. So then he was like ok and wore his pants. He is just shameless.”
It seems that we would get to see something very interesting in Kill Dill.

OMG! Ranveer Hides his Bald Look in SLB’s Party

Untitled-7Ranveer Kapoor is known for living his characters. He shocked everyone by announcing that he will go bald for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s most anticipated film ‘Bajirao Mastani’. He kept his words and got bald and is completely ready for the role of Peshwa Bajirao.
The shooting of this film has already started. Sanjay and Leela are careful not to reveal Ranveer’s look. At SLB’s recent Diwali party, Ranveer was seen with a hat covering his head. So that he could hide his look. He was found giving a pan pose with Kangana Ranaut who was also invited to attend the party.
It was also reported earlier that Ranveer will go on an exile to get ready for his role. Ranveer didn’t remove his hat during the entire party.