Beyonce and Jay-Z says No Divorce!

Beyonce-and-Jay-Z-says-No-DHot and heavy in the middle of their joint On The Run tour, Beyonce and Jay-Z want to prove something.

They would like to send a strong message that their relation is strong enough leaving no chance to break up and Divorce!

Beyonce and Jay-Z were captured in various images gazing lovingly into each others eyes. Perhaps they are shooting down all those pesky cheating rumors surrounding their wedding.

They are going to marriage rehabilitation center to settle the misunderstandings! The couple are consulting psychotherapist for a better relation.

“Colin Farrell” Next True Detective! Deep talks with HBO

 “Colin Farrell” Next True Detective! Deep talks with HBOMore anticipation. Longing to watch on the little screen.

Millions of eyes are eagerly waiting for HBO’s True Detective to announce their next star-studded cast.

According to the reports Colin Farrell reached the final stage of negotiations. As he likes to play one of the three main roles in the Second Season.

HBO has been seriously secretive about their casting so far, but we do know the official list, as well as more info about the story, could be announced as early as next week!

Fans of the program are so exited after knowing this and questioning that
Is this really happening?

Gomez’s Nipples not only for Justin: For All who has Eyes!

Gomez's-Nipples-not-only-foSelena Gomez want to show off her Nipples. It seems the young chick wanna make her BF Justin Bieber Jealous.

The 21-year-old stepped out with her nips out in NYC on Wednesday!

From the Black top her Nipples are so transparent to watch on. She did not wear Bra. She freed her Boobies to some extent especially the Sharp pointed Nipples!. They look like questioning that How Cute they are!.
Selena Gomez’s Nipples were obviously the HIGHlight of the outfit. She is going Crazy with her Boobs.

Harry Styles “PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGE” on twitter. Does he mind it ?

Harry-Styles-PORNOGRAPHIC-IA photo tweeted by young singer Harry Styles now become a topic of heat. He shared his favourite photo of pornography.
A debate has begun in the fans that the star accidentally did it. Some says that he did not realise fans would be able to see ?. Questions also raises that he was hacked. Rumours also spreading that Harry shared the photo for a laugh ?. If not he did it with don’t care manner ?.
The image’s caption reads: “oops:p RETWEET if you’d lick me clean ;-)”
Gosh. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth, love?
The singer first favourited the image back on 22 May, but followers have only just noticed and began reacting on Twitter.
Fans have now managed to get the hashtag #HarryDontLickAnything into Twitter’s worldwide Trending chart.

Iphone 6 To Be A Costly Affair

iphone-6 If rumors are to be believed, tech giant Apple is aiming to eliminate the current headphone jack on the iPhone. If Apple goes ahead with this plan then all the existing headphones would render useless. Ever since the first Walkman was introduced by Sony in 1979 a standard size 3.5mm jack has been used. This move to eliminate the current headphone jack on iPhone 6 will disappoint many customers who are still getting accustomed to the iPhone5. Customers were already upset when then 30 pin input was replaced by a much smaller lightning connector. With this, the expensive chargers, speakers and docking stations suddenly became unusable.
But sources say that this decision has been taken to accommodate a larger battery which can give a better resolution camera and better processing power. As per rumours, the phone will be launched on September, 19th, 2014.