Skype Can Now be Used From a Web Browser


Microsoft’s popular communication tool Skype can now be used from a web browser with the same capabilities. It allows text, video, chat as well as file sharing and the beta launch for the web based service has been launched in UK and US markets.

The access requires a plugin to be downloaded and Skype for web is expected to be launched across the world shortly. It can be accessed from or and works from all browsers including Chrome, Mozilla, Safari as well as IE. However, the feature is not available on Chromebooks.

The feature now loads all your communications in the browser window and also displays notifications which can be accessed even from a different browser.


Skype Crashes with a Simple Misplaced Colon Symbol

SkypeSkype had a new vulnerability across iPhone, Windows and Android phones where a single colon symbol (:) insertion at the end of “http://” used to begin a web address causes the application to crash.

In case “http://:” is instead sent in any message by mistake, it would cause the application to crash even after being reloaded, and this can be rectified by asking the sender to remove it from their messages, or asking additional messages to be sent so that that message gets automatically pushed to the archive.

Skype is aware of this problem and has issued an update for the error.