hacked, Millions of Accounts Compromised

GaanaIn the series of latest hack attacks on popular websites, Indian music portal was hacked and almost ten million account details were compromised when they were posted on a different website. The hacker called MakMan supposedly from Pakistan had posted a link to a popular social media site which had the account details, also containing private information. has asked its users not to change passwords of their accounts, but rather deactivate them. It also cautioned those who have the same login details for other social sites to change those account passwords. The hack was supposedly done by SQL injection and the hacker also ridiculed the site’s attempt to rectify that parameter. is currently down with a message saying that it was under maintenance activity.

Shock- An Android Phone Reset Does not Wipe Away Data

AndroidFor all those who have used the factory reset option in Android phones, hoping that it would permanently delete all your personal data, here’s a shocker. Its reported from a study by Cambridge University that using that option does not erase all your data and a part of it, be it SMS’s, email’s, pictures and videos, along with contact information from your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter can still be easily retrieved. This gives your personal information to a third party when you have passed on the phone or sold it as used.

This research was undertaken across 21 different smartphones devices across five different manufacturers and between Andriod operating versions 2.3 till 4.3.

The survey also gave the same results even when full encryption was used and at times, even the master token to access Google Apps was available even though a reset was done. This puts about 500 Million Andriod phones at risk and feedback from individual manufactures are awaited.

From WikiLeaks: Did you know that NSA is Planning to Hack Smartphones?

SmartphonesThis latest WikiLeaks report might shock you, but seems like the National Security Agency (NSA) of America had been planning to hack Smartphone’s by using loopholes in data connections through Google Apps, so that it can implant spyware that would give them access to the phone’s data as well as communication patterns. Seems that this had been planned to give them an edge over mass movements such as the Arab Spring in the Middle East, where Smartphones and social media played a key role.

The hack is reported to be directed towards Android and Samsung phone in particular, and coming from NSA, which is reported to have a strong grip on all communications across USA, this report has been driving such panic amongst users. The project names as Irritant Horn was initiated by US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, and implants a spyware called XKEYSCORE into every App listed on Google and Samsung marketplace and also plans to use it for pushing selecting propaganda when needed, so that terrorism can be effectively combated.

Pamela Anderson Strips for PETA

Pamela-AndersonPamela Anderson-a known supporter of Animal Rights, stripped for a campaign by PETA (People for Ethical Treatment for Animals). The campaign was for creating awareness on the amount of water being wasted by meat and dairy farms and urged viewers to go vegan if they really wanted to make a difference, and just not go slow on using water in their shower baths.

The poster says that meat and dairy farms use about 1/3 of the world’s water supplies and this image has Pamela naked in a pose that is similar to one in the movie Psycho by the king of horror films Alfred Hitchcock.

Pamela had also recently written to the Kerala State Government in India for banning the use of elephants in a very popular religious procession, though her views were not considered and she had a heavy outrage against her in social media.

Its Official-Periscope Stores and Uses Your Deleted Videos


Just when you thought that your private videos in Periscope could be deleted so that they no longer be a part of your account, Periscope has said that videos once uploaded are considered the property of Periscope and that it was free to use/distribute/copy/store them in any manner it deemed fit. This is a part of the terms and conditions that users have to accept before creating an account. This fact has been confirmed by the CEO of the company himself.

Periscope is a hugely popular video sharing platform and has been acquired by Twitter recently. Sometimes used to uploaded copyrighted and pornographic content, iPhone and iPad users of the service can view such broadcasted content from their device. Its time readers and users of online social media and media sharing sites read the fine print in the terms and conditions before opting to sign-up, as a regret isn’t just going to help protect their privacy.

Beware-You Could be Banned in Reditt for Inappropriate Content


Reditt joins the list of social media platforms where users could be banned for inappropriate content, communication and harassment. From shedding its label of being the most liberal online platform with its thousands of communities and millions of user, Reditt recently announced a change in policy-adding an option to report a user to have them blocked upon analysis. The major crackdown would be against users who harass others with their offensive content and also those who post links to other sites with private information on Reditt’s platform. So…if you though Reditt was
open to let your vent and voyeurism, beware as you could be banned. This has generated a lot of feedback from users, with some of them of the opinion that this move was as per advertiser’s guidelines, whereas Reditt in its blog maintained that this decision was based on its survey amongst users and fully justified in interest of users.

Gigi Hadid Talks to Adweek!

Gigi-HadidGigi Hadid is just 19 years old but she is making her presence felt in the fashion industry. The credit goes to her business and social media skills.

Talking to Adweek for its cover story, the stunner accepts the fact that being on the top of the fashion industry she is very much aware of the fact that modeling will not always pay her bills.

She made clear by saying, “What people want to know is, OK, what’s after modeling? And that’s forcing us to think about those things [even earlier]. It’s not just OK anymore to model until you’re 25 and then stop and be a housewife.”