New Feature on Facebook

New-Feature-on-FacebookProminent social networking site Facebook has come up with an interesting feature. Facebook will suggest the topic for updating your status hereafter. It want the users to update their status regularly. If the user doesn’t have any idea about the topic for posting the status, then Facebook will automatically suggest few posts, where the recommendations may vary, depending on the user’s activity in the networking site.

A new option ‘Suggested Topics’ can be seen in the status column in the updated version of Facebook. These topics may include subjects like #LovingDay, #NationalPeanutButterCookieDay and #WorldBikeNakedDay etc. This feature will make it more user friendly.

Ever Shared Sensitive Content on Twitter-Join 10 Million Accounts Being Deleted Shortly


In a major move to restrict promotion of obscenity and pornographic material in Twitter, the social networking site today had said that it would be working towards deleting close to 10 Million accounts which have been reported to share adult content under the heading “Contains Sensitive Content”.
This move has received wide spread condemnation from users and those from the adult industry, saying that it violates their freedom of expression.

It’s said by analysts that even basic search results in Twitter were throwing such content and many advertisers such as Nielsen have objected to the content. Seem that promoted tweets were showing in profiles with such offensive content, and Twitter’s advertisers were getting worried about their brand image being at loss.