Need a Million Flying Miles? Try Hacking United Airlines

AirlinesIn one of the most talked about hacking challenges thrown out in the open, United Airlines have promised a reward of a million flying miles for anyone who can hack its website, servers, apps and data. This was announced by the firm recently –supposedly as a part of a confidence building exercise to overcome the negative publicity about a recent incident when a security researcher was deplaned when he tweeted about the lack of WiFi security and loopholes in entertainment network in a United Airlines plane.

However, this offer is not for both of those categories which are openly available for the public-but for other technology of the company. The company had warned of criminal action against trying to hack these two-in the same announcement it made to market the reward.

Nadella talks about Windows vNext, one converged operating system

Nadella talks about Windows vNext, one converged operating system

Nadella talks about Windows vNext, one converged operating system

We know that Microsoft is working diligently on the next iteration of Windows, referred to internally as Windows Threshold, and externally, most call it Windows 9. While we do not know if Microsoft will refer to it as Windows 9 when the OS goes public, Nadella did take a bit of time on the earnings call to talk briefly about the upcoming platform.

On the earnings call, Nadella talked about how they will be combining the Windows effort. He said that they will streamline the three operating systems into one converged operating system for screens of all sizes and that they will unify all of their stores to make it easy to discover apps that work across the entire ecosystem too.

At the end of the call, during the question and answer session, Nadella clarified what he said when probed for more information about if they would be doing away with their enterprise SKUs. When answering the analyst’s question, it was more about having one team with a layered architecture to bring all of Windows under one roof and one store.

For those of you who have been following Windows announcements closely, you will know that most of this information is not new, but hearing it once again publicly, does mean that the process is in place and will actually be executed upon release.

While we would love to hear about the specifics for their plans of the next iteration of Windows, one thing is for certain, Microsoft is not shy when talking about Windows Threshold. So far, it has been mentioned at many of their larger conferences like Build, WPC and the latest event, their quarterly earnings call.

Nadella said that they will be talking more about the next wave of Windows enhancements in the coming months, but did not offer any detailed timeline for those announcements.

If Google were a person: Embarrassing to Imagine!

If-Google-were-a-personJust imagine that Google were a real person!. He would probably have the world’s most frustrating job. It really sounds funny, but fact is that if the popular search engine compared a human being, really a lot more tough job for him?
Google has to deal with all the crud we type into the search engine and spit out results that match up to our perverted tastes, stoned questions, deepest fears, doddering mistakes all while trying to not to judge us.
Not only that but it has to be ready to burn all our embarrassing evidence and deal with inferior competitors like Siri who don’t understand what the hell we’re saying half the time.
It’s also funny as hell to imagine. College Humor continues their series of imagining a real guy as Google. It’s really embarrassing right?

Iphone 6 To Be A Costly Affair

iphone-6 If rumors are to be believed, tech giant Apple is aiming to eliminate the current headphone jack on the iPhone. If Apple goes ahead with this plan then all the existing headphones would render useless. Ever since the first Walkman was introduced by Sony in 1979 a standard size 3.5mm jack has been used. This move to eliminate the current headphone jack on iPhone 6 will disappoint many customers who are still getting accustomed to the iPhone5. Customers were already upset when then 30 pin input was replaced by a much smaller lightning connector. With this, the expensive chargers, speakers and docking stations suddenly became unusable.
But sources say that this decision has been taken to accommodate a larger battery which can give a better resolution camera and better processing power. As per rumours, the phone will be launched on September, 19th, 2014.

Is Xbox for sale?

Satya-Nadella-xboxSatya Nadella, in the illustrious position of CEO for Microsoft is under great pressure from stakeholders for selling the Xbox division. Though, there are no concrete signs towards this move, speculations to sell off Xbox and to concentrate more on Microsoft’s core strengths like software development is widely discussed. The future of consumer technology from Microsoft may shed new innovations.