Nick Cannon Sued Mariah Carey

Nick-Cannon-Sued-Mariah-CarThe divorce case between Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey is getting messier. Going by the reports in TMZ, the ‘Always Be My Baby’ crooner sold the couple’s Bel-Air house for $9 million which is 4 million less than the original list price.
Cannon has filed a case in which he said that Carey and business manager Michael Kane did the deal without bringing things to his notice. Nick is demanding that the money which they got from the sale of the house should be frozen till he knows the details about the distribution of money from the sale. Kane said to TMZ, “This lawsuit is frivolous and clearly a desperate act from a sadly desperate man.”

Health Department Made a Check at the Dolby Theatres

Dolby-TheatresOscars producers can now take a sigh of relief because the Health Department have okayed the Dolby Theatre and declared it free from all types of harmful things and now the theatre is ready for the Sunday function.
We found a video in which the Oscar house’s storage areas and many other places were covered with dead cockroaches, bugs, garbage and other such dirty thing.
Health Department Manager Charlene Contreras said to TMZ that they have sent two inspectors to the theatre on Thursday afternoon. They did this after the uploading of the video. She said that they found no cockroaches or flies at the area. She added that the insects in the video might have invaded the unused areas. So, luckily the celebrities need not to worry about the critters as they are already evaded.

OMG! Lindsay Lohan again in legal Trouble

Lindsay-LohanIt seemed that Lindsay Lohan is free from legal trouble but now when things were back on track she might be again in serious trouble as she failed to complete her community service hours.

The ‘Georgia Rule’ starlet is asked to show up at the Los Angeles court on coming Wednesday (January 28) where she will be given a chance to explain why she violated her probation yet again.

According to report in TMZ, Lindsay was supposed to complete 240 hours by November 6, 2014. Her lawyer Shawn Holley asked the judge to give her more time as she was able to complete half of her due work. The starlet got trapped when in June 2012 she was found guilty of reckless driving, lying to police and distracting officers from performing their duties.

Scott Disick indulged in Drugs Again

Scott-DisickScott Disick is known for his fighting with alcohol and drugs and how he strived to get rid of them but now it appears that he has failed to do so.
According to report in TMZ, the ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star is going out of control in Aspen, Colorado and there has been lot of drinking and boozing.

Disick was present with some of his friends at a hotel in Jerome and spent huge sums of about more than $1400 in two night. One of Scott’s friends was found guilty of stealing a $400 bottle of liquor from the bar as soon as the gang arrived in the hotel.

The hotel’s guests complained that a strong smell of marijuana smoke is coming from Disick’s room. It was found that the room was all littered with cigarette butts and bottles.

In November last year, Scott went for rehabilitation. He said, “I’ve gone over this in my head so many times to try to live a cleaner life, and for some reason I just keep going back to the same routine. I’ve pretty much become a broken record. And I’m sick of hearing myself talk about the problems I have that I don’t fix.”

Miley Cyrus Robbed for the Third Time

Miley-CyrusMiley Cyrus was again attacked by burglars just before Christmas. She was robbed of many personal items which includes her ATM card. According to report in TMZ, the ‘Party in the USA’ starlet’s home was broke in by Rusty Edward Sellner. With this it is the third time of her being robbed in two years.
In June last year, Miley got entangled with two burglars when she was out for Europe tour during which her $100,000 Maserati was taken away from her residence by the invaders.
With getting robbed third time, may be Miley will become some more serious about the security of her residence while being out.

Hefe Claimed That he is Married to Iggy

Untitled-13Iggy Azalea got another surprise from her ex Maurice Williams aka Hefe Wine. He presented divorce documents to the ‘Fancy’ and claimed that he was in a common-law marriage with Iggy.
According to TMZ, Williams wrote about himself and Azalea that both of them agreed to be married and they began to stay together as husband and wife in the State of Texas form September 2008.
Earlier Hefe had claimed that he has a sex tape with Iggy and also he tried to sell it to an adult film company.
Iggy denied marriage with Hefe like she denied the sex tape, a spokesperson for Azlea said to the US weekly, “It’s disappointing that thief, felon and fugitive is continuing to use the media to attack Iggy as part of his desperate and despicable attempt to keep himself in the press.”
The spokesperson added, “Iggy’s federal court complaint froze Mr. Williams’ ability to trade on her fame by profiting from music he stole from her, so he has resorted to elevating his predatory relationship with a 17-year-old girl into a sham ‘marriage’ claim unsupported by any certificate or evidence.”