Video Autoplay Option in Twitter

TwitterMicro blogging site Twitter has come up with a new feature to autoplay the videos. This will enable to load and play the videos automatically. This is already an existing feature in facebook. But this may not be an excitement for ad-unfriendly users. The main drawback for this option is that it will consume users’ data plans and battery life. However, there is an option to disable or limit the autoplay feature. Hope this will be an excitement for Twitter lovers.

Shock- An Android Phone Reset Does not Wipe Away Data

AndroidFor all those who have used the factory reset option in Android phones, hoping that it would permanently delete all your personal data, here’s a shocker. Its reported from a study by Cambridge University that using that option does not erase all your data and a part of it, be it SMS’s, email’s, pictures and videos, along with contact information from your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter can still be easily retrieved. This gives your personal information to a third party when you have passed on the phone or sold it as used.

This research was undertaken across 21 different smartphones devices across five different manufacturers and between Andriod operating versions 2.3 till 4.3.

The survey also gave the same results even when full encryption was used and at times, even the master token to access Google Apps was available even though a reset was done. This puts about 500 Million Andriod phones at risk and feedback from individual manufactures are awaited.

Ever Shared Sensitive Content on Twitter-Join 10 Million Accounts Being Deleted Shortly


In a major move to restrict promotion of obscenity and pornographic material in Twitter, the social networking site today had said that it would be working towards deleting close to 10 Million accounts which have been reported to share adult content under the heading “Contains Sensitive Content”.
This move has received wide spread condemnation from users and those from the adult industry, saying that it violates their freedom of expression.

It’s said by analysts that even basic search results in Twitter were throwing such content and many advertisers such as Nielsen have objected to the content. Seem that promoted tweets were showing in profiles with such offensive content, and Twitter’s advertisers were getting worried about their brand image being at loss.

Its Official-Periscope Stores and Uses Your Deleted Videos


Just when you thought that your private videos in Periscope could be deleted so that they no longer be a part of your account, Periscope has said that videos once uploaded are considered the property of Periscope and that it was free to use/distribute/copy/store them in any manner it deemed fit. This is a part of the terms and conditions that users have to accept before creating an account. This fact has been confirmed by the CEO of the company himself.

Periscope is a hugely popular video sharing platform and has been acquired by Twitter recently. Sometimes used to uploaded copyrighted and pornographic content, iPhone and iPad users of the service can view such broadcasted content from their device. Its time readers and users of online social media and media sharing sites read the fine print in the terms and conditions before opting to sign-up, as a regret isn’t just going to help protect their privacy.

Jutisn Forgot the Lyrics

BieberFeasting his fans Justin Bieber rocked the stage on Saturday, march 29 in Miami, Florida. The singer performed at Ariana Grande’s concert.
The ‘Baby’ singer was accompanied by the sexy songstress for songs like ‘All That Matter’ and ‘As Long as You Love Me’. Before this he sang the song ‘Love Me Harder’, in between the song Justin flubbed the lyrics unfortunately.
Bieber said to Grande, “I feel a little bad, Ariana. I forgot the words. I’ve been trying to memorize them backstage for like an hour. I feel so bad. I’m so sorry.” After the concert, Justin posted on Twitter, “Thank you @ArianaGrande and thank you Miami. I missed the stage. See u soon ;). Great night. Loved being back on stage. Miami I’m not done yet….”

Demi Lovato is Bikini Beauty

Demi-LovatoKicking off the weekend Demi Lovato stepped out in sexy bikini by the pool. She seemed to enjoy her time off on Saturday afternoon, March 28.
The 22-year-old ‘Skyscraper’ crooner posed along with her furry friend and shared it on micro-blogging site Twitter by adding the caption, “I want success more than I want sleep. And that’s why nothing stops me from killing the gym on Saturday mornings.”
Previously Demi said to Allure magazine that her favorite feature is her butt. She said, “It’s my butt. I love my butt. Hopefully it stays that way, because this thing isn’t going anywhere. I really learned to accept my body when the trend started becoming less about super, super skinny models that was completely unattainable for anyone to have. Kim Kardashian, say whatever you want about her, but she has revolutionized what’s accepted with curves these days.”

Kerry Washington Super-Sexy on Edit’s Cover Page

Kerry-WashingtonWashington has done modeling for brands like Ebony and Marie Claire and now the starlet is featured on the latest edition of The Edit’s magazine.

The ‘Scandal’ star revealed that she started using Twitter to keep her mind away from the fact that she was going to birth to a baby in last April. She said, “Every Thursday within three weeks of my due date, I loaded up pre-tweets based on the episodes and what I would want to say. I tweeted in the very early stages of my labor. I figured that if I went completely silent on social media, then people would know I was in the hospital!”
About the contrast between her own personality and her character of Olivia Pope, Kerry said, “A lot of therapy! Not to say that I have it all together, but I think I have a little bit more awareness about my behavior patterns and I do the work it takes to get out of them. [Shonda Rhimes] never wrote Olivia Pope to be a role model. She wrote her to be a human being, and part of what people identify with so much is that she is conflicted. In some ways, she’s so aspirational — you want to walk like her, dress like her, command attention like her and control a situation like her. In other ways, she’s a warning of what not to be.”