What’s up with Nicki Minaj’s Jersey in Feeling Myself Video?

Nicki-MinajNicki Minaj is no stranger to open and subtle controversies and her latest music video with Beyonce (Feeling Myself) has the star wearing a jersey which read “Pervert” and “17”. Fans and media soon started commenting that it could be a surprising reference to rapper Tyga getting close to 17 year old reality television star Kylie Jenner who is a half-sister of the Kardashians.

Seems that with the rivalry between them and Nick took an all time low with Nicki showing her disapproval on Tyga dating a 17 year old minor. Tyga had reportedly expressed his disgust on Nicki commenting on his personal life, and we hear that Kanye West isn’t a happy man either, with his younger sister-in-law being publicly criticized. Keep watching this space as we report this feud as its gets wilder.

Tyga is Disgusting and Unfair to Kylie

Kylie Jenner will turn 18 this year. We surely can have a sneak peak what she is doing with her 25-year-old friend Tyga who shared a photo which is Kylie’s selfie on his IG page and captioned it, “Your beauty never goes unnoticed. One of the best/dopest person in my life.” This lead us to assume many thing. The first thing is that Tyga has a grammar problem or the post was originally written, The best/dopest person in my life, “ and quickly changed by adding ‘one of’ in order to make it less conspicuous.
And the second is what is the point sharing that post when he is aware of the speculations which are made about both of them. It doesn’t sound well that he is looking at a 17-year-old like this.
It appears that he wants the attention that is why he posted such thing in spite of clearly knowing that there is nothing between the two.