Apple to Recall Beats Pill XL Wireless Speakers Due to Overheating Batteries

Pill-XLApple’s popular Beats Pill XL wireless speakers are currently being recalled across USA after numerous complaints of the battery in the device overheating and causing fire sometimes. This was to affect at least 222,000 sold sets, and customers would be issued a refund or a store credit within 3 weeks of the model being handed over for return, as the design flaw was only limited to this particular model.

The Beats speakers are a product of “Beats Electronics” which introduced them in 2013, and was later acquired by Apple in 2014 for an estimated cash payment of $3 Billion. Since then, Beats functions under the Apple banner.

Kaspersky’s Warning-A Cyber Spy Keylogger Called Grabit Active in Business Networks


Online security giant Kaspersky had reported a new cyber spying malware called Grabit which is speared through corporate networks and small and medium business systems in India, USA and Thailand along with other nations such as those in Europe and UAE. The malware called Grabit had already stolen about 10,000 secure files from various networks in different industry verticals such as Chemicals, Media, education etc, and the maximum infection s from India and Thailand.

The malware comes in an Ms Word (.doc) attachment and when user clicks on the attachment, it launches a spying malware that is controlled by a remote computer apart from launching a keylogger. This email was mostly spread through corporate networks.

Here’s how you can find if your system is infected:
C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft should not have any executable files.
Run msconfig (System Configuration) to check if it has grabit.exe or grabit1.exe.
Never open any attachments fro unverified sources as this malware can pass email security checks.

Miley Cyrus Robbed for the Third Time

Miley-CyrusMiley Cyrus was again attacked by burglars just before Christmas. She was robbed of many personal items which includes her ATM card. According to report in TMZ, the ‘Party in the USA’ starlet’s home was broke in by Rusty Edward Sellner. With this it is the third time of her being robbed in two years.
In June last year, Miley got entangled with two burglars when she was out for Europe tour during which her $100,000 Maserati was taken away from her residence by the invaders.
With getting robbed third time, may be Miley will become some more serious about the security of her residence while being out.

Miley and Patrick Can’t Stay Away from Each other Even in Public

Miley-CyrusMiley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger confirmed that they are dating each other at last night in a college football game between the USC Trojans and the California Golden Bears.
The game was going on in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The ‘Party in the USA’ songstress couldn’t stop herself to get close to her handsome boyfriend. The couple snuggled and smooched while being at the Coliseum.
This is not enough; at one point of time Patrick took his iPhone out and recorded a video of their loving gestures. The football fans which were watching the game looked at the couple surprisingly while they were doing all this.
Earlier this week, Miley and Schwarzenegger were present together at the screening of ‘Still Alice’ which is Kristen Stewart and Julianne Moore’s new venture.

Why ‘Bang Bang’ is Successful?

Untitled-13There has been a lot said about Hrithik’s film ‘Bang Bang’ and its huge success at the box office. Now, its Hrithik’s turn to quote the reasons behind his film’s success. The film has made it to the 100 crore club in just five days. It is the fifth highest collecting film at the box office. The Greek god of Bollywood says that his emotional problem in overcoming with a 13 year old relationship with his wife Sussanne and his head surgery made him strong and allowed him to concentrate on doing the film.
It happens with all of us during some emotional stress we mess up thing but that is not the case with Hrithik. He presents an example of how things should be handled. He has worked very hard for ‘Bang Bang’ and his efforts are paid off when the film entered the prestigious 100 crore club in just five days of its release.
Bang Bang is breaking all the records. This film was also released in countries like USA, UK, European countries and Gulf region. Siddharth Annad, the director of the film is getting mixed response for this film but the film is minting great sum at the ticket window. The film unit is planning to throw a success party. Let us wait for the party and the pictures from it.