Cheryl Cole and Jean-Bernard enjoying newlywed life

Cheryl-Cole-and-Jean-BernarCheryl Cole and Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini who are enjoying the newlywed life took a relaxing vacation in Provence, France over the weekend.
Jean celebrated his birthday with his new wife and took time to introduce her to his family. The darling couple kept it simple in casual attire.
According to the reports, there’s been a heated battle going on between Cheryl and her former X-Factor co-judge Simon Cowell. When Simon made some pretty nasty comments about Cheryl’s weight, she was quick to fire back.
She told to the reporter that, “I heard this rumor and I think a gentleman should never speak about a woman’s age or weight but that’s only if you’re educated on how to treat a woman”.
She further added, “So, unlucky for him. And who listens to Simon Cowell these days anyway? Does anybody? I don’t listen to him anymore.”


Lindsay Lohan Enjoys Vacation In Bikini

Lindsay-Lohan-Enjoys-VacatiThe “Mean Girls” babe Lindsay Lohan who is vacationing on a yacht off the island of Capri in Italy along with her little sister Ali is enjoying the finer things in life.
The beautiful actress donned a white bikini and swam in the gorgeous waters before lying out on the deck of the beautiful boat.
As previously reported LiLo snapped a selfie on the boat earlier this week, donning another bikini and looking super happy. And posted with a tagline, “Sending love and kisses to all.”