Wikileaks Company Shuts Down


Wikileaks, is an organization that publishes confidential information of various agencies and countries across the globe. This organization will run on the donations and support from the various people and groups worldwide. But, now Wikileads is in financial crisis as the companies like Visa, Paypal, Master Card and Western Union has stopped Wikileaks from accepting the donations. Julian Assange, the founder of this organization had reported that Wikileaks is suffering with severe financial crisis, which is very difficult for them to overcome. This might lead to shutting down the company.

Wikileaks ad faced similar financial crisis in 2010, where it had shut its operations temporarily., but however they have recovered later. But, now it is very difficult for them to fight for its survival. Very soon, Wikileaks may permanently shut down its operations.

From WikiLeaks: Did you know that NSA is Planning to Hack Smartphones?

SmartphonesThis latest WikiLeaks report might shock you, but seems like the National Security Agency (NSA) of America had been planning to hack Smartphone’s by using loopholes in data connections through Google Apps, so that it can implant spyware that would give them access to the phone’s data as well as communication patterns. Seems that this had been planned to give them an edge over mass movements such as the Arab Spring in the Middle East, where Smartphones and social media played a key role.

The hack is reported to be directed towards Android and Samsung phone in particular, and coming from NSA, which is reported to have a strong grip on all communications across USA, this report has been driving such panic amongst users. The project names as Irritant Horn was initiated by US, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and Australia, and implants a spyware called XKEYSCORE into every App listed on Google and Samsung marketplace and also plans to use it for pushing selecting propaganda when needed, so that terrorism can be effectively combated.