No Annual Fee For MS Windows 10


There are many rumors and speculations across the internet that Microsoft will collect annual fee for using Windows 10. Few sources reported that fee will be charged after free-for-one year upgrade offer expires. But, Microsoft clarified that these rumors are false.
If the windows is upgraded between July 26, 2015 and July 29, 2016, there is a chance to upgrade to Windows 10 at free of cost. After July 29th 2016, you will have to pay for getting the license of Windows 10.
Microsoft clearly specified that the operating system is free of cost. It is not a introductory version or a trial version.


Did you Know? Windows 10 Isn’t Going to be a Real Free Upgrade!

Windows-10For all those excited with the launch of Windows 10 and promises of a free upgrade, there was the initial shocker that it was just for regular Windows 7 or 8 customers with valid licenses, and users running the pirated copy would have to shell out the full price. While that’s expected as there isn’t anything as a free lunch, especially when you are running a pirated copy and looking for the newest cake on the block, here’s something that will further shock new users.

Apparently, the free upgrade is in one way to increase their brand value and existing consumer base, and keep the auto upgrade feature as a carrot to hold them to the Windows platform. It could also be used as a platform to sell subscription based services such as the one we are seeing with Office 365, and have users pay a fee per usage on the SaaS model.

Also, the three versions they have come-up with Home, Mobile and Pro, seems that licensing costs would differ for each, and when we have the enterprise and education versions also considered, looks like Windows is offering the basic for free and pushing users to upgrade by paying, in case they are looking for more features, possible on an Ala Carte basis.

Also, updates from Windows would now be automatically done, as against users having to wait for a new release. However, the free version only has automatic updates being immediately done, without the user’s choice. This leaves users with little choice on configuring their system, and in a way could be a bit restrictive.

So, seems that it’s not much free as what Microsoft has got to say. Looks like it’s a clever marketing ploy to keep them restricted when they use the free upgrade. What Say Users?

Windows 10 Could be the Last Windows Release by Microsoft

Windows-10-Could-be-the-LasThe soon to be offered Windows 10 could be the last time Microsoft releases a packaged version of its most popular product-something we have been accustomed to seeing every 3 years or so. Future operating system versions from Microsoft might not be packaged and offered-but might be dynamically updated as and when required to your system.

So, you would be getting continuous automatic updates as against having to patiently wait in anticipation for the next release. Windows 10 is very high on expectations and would be offered free for an year to all those who wish to upgrade from Windows 7,8 and Vista and have a genuine product license.