No Annual Fee For MS Windows 10


There are many rumors and speculations across the internet that Microsoft will collect annual fee for using Windows 10. Few sources reported that fee will be charged after free-for-one year upgrade offer expires. But, Microsoft clarified that these rumors are false.
If the windows is upgraded between July 26, 2015 and July 29, 2016, there is a chance to upgrade to Windows 10 at free of cost. After July 29th 2016, you will have to pay for getting the license of Windows 10.
Microsoft clearly specified that the operating system is free of cost. It is not a introductory version or a trial version.

Skype Crashes with a Simple Misplaced Colon Symbol

SkypeSkype had a new vulnerability across iPhone, Windows and Android phones where a single colon symbol (:) insertion at the end of “http://” used to begin a web address causes the application to crash.

In case “http://:” is instead sent in any message by mistake, it would cause the application to crash even after being reloaded, and this can be rectified by asking the sender to remove it from their messages, or asking additional messages to be sent so that that message gets automatically pushed to the archive.

Skype is aware of this problem and has issued an update for the error.

Google’s New Light O/S Works for all Future Devices

GoogleGoogle has recently announced plans of developing a new operating system called Brillo that would be lightweight and suited for all devices where a computational memory and application is required. Be it internet connected and intelligent doorknobs, light bulbs, small electronic devices etc, which form the next generation Internet of Things, Google’s Brillo would be compact and fit where Android fails, as it requires at least 512 MB of RAM, whereas Brillo would just need 32 MB of space which is perfect for compact devices.

Google’s Brillo has stiff competition from Microsoft’s IoT (Internet of Things) version of Windows 10 and Apple’s HomeKit. The last time we saw something similar from Google-Andriod@Home, it was scrapped after being announced. Let’s hope that this compact version makes internet realy portable and easily connectable.